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at the kitp residence: hebert, sciotto, parker, dehlinger (2017)
aluminum prints, approximately 25-35x35-50in.

kitp residence project

i was tasked to identify artists and art works to decorate the 61 apartment units for the visiting scientists in the kitp residence.

i have assembled a team of four computer artists, hans dehlinger, ian parker, myles sciotto, and myself.

the team was asked to submit algorithmic works for the selection process. for each artist, six pieces were selected.

each artist delivered six files that were printed five times each on aluminum by a single high tech printing shop, in similar sizes and style.

the frameless prints have been mounted permanently on the residence units walls. the ensemble is very light, modern and clean.

the works were all up on the opening of the residence january 2nd 2017. the process took a year and a half, including a year of testing.

(i was helped in this project by harry reese, joel sherman, and gary smaby).

unfortunately these algorithmic works are hardly visible: they are all in private apartments in the control of their temporary occupants.

they are only part of the art in the residence, complementing among others landscape prints selected by marcia burtt and sculptures selected by greg huber.

(residence funding by charles munger, construction supervision by kitp director lars bildsten, architecture by murray duncan architects).

where is the mirror and where is the dust?
(hui-neng, sixth patriarch)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (04 Jun 2017)