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metagon on copper, soft ground (2002)
hand pulled print 1004, 15x15 on 17x16in.

studio: recently completed projects

- this has not be updated for two years, and yet so much has happened

- works for the sciarc show "drawings as thought"

- tutorials and script for my computational drawing class

- a vinyl cut metagon mural

- a new interactive drawing studio tool

- several book projects

- sketches for "the limits of knowledge"

- restore of the kitp wall displays content

- catalog of the sbcaf show and website update

- updated this website after all the activity of the summer and fall

- the "algorists 2008" group show at kitp (ucsb) is now open

- producing pieces for all the shows in september/october 08

- gathering works for the kitp group show from the other artists

- water pieces and glass beads/leds additions to ulysses with markdavid hosale

- paper spheres with tatiana ginsberg

- illustration for the new edition of kent dybvig's "the scheme programming language"

- outline of the software pieces for "cycling apparati"

- preliminary tasks and planning for two 2008 shows in santa barbara, working on relevant grants and studio purchases

- developing several series of large 76x38inches digital prints

- completed a series of 19x13inches prints with several new themes

- wrapping up the shows at the Bloch Museum and at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery

- collaboration with luigi irlandini (entirely my fault): shakuhachi music for ulysses

- proposing a new group show at the kitp for next quarter

- updated kitp art program presentation for my apple/sciences/profile

- this time of the year: a new kitp greeting cards

- sculpting paper on ulysses with tatiana

- have sent my pieces to the block museum at nwu in evanston

- collaboration with christophe josserand

- uploading current images for the new drawing center viewing program

- settling in after moving into a new house/studio in santa barbara

- collaboration with florian dubath

- completing software installations on a new laptop

- updating this web site at last

- more software explorations and trial proofs: mixed lines, masks, fringe interferences

- series of plotter drawings: graphite lead on paper

- drawings from rna topology with kay wiese at kitp

- starting / rewriting projects using the P5 environment with recent libraries: new sand traces, visual music and palindromes

- 'interspace' group show at solway jones gallery (opening dec.16, show nov.18 to jan.20)

- presence at scope (miami/basel art fair, december 06)

- folded long printed strips into moebius multiple loops

- installed processing and useful libraries

- installed a new studio computer, updating software, updating software, updating ...

- created a poster size warped space piece that ended up as a small invitation card

- sand sculpture: created and installed many new traces

- completed several extremely large prints ( on torinoko paper, 37x78 inches )

- started thinking of new projects with ucsb print & book arts and with the ucsb allosphere project

- completed several series of palindromic images (fire, water, cosmos) in a cagean, chance driven structure

- new drawing software foundation based on coregraphics to calculate complex, resolution independent images

- small & large prints in the 'just enough chance' series

- updated work documentation (folder and pdf)

- kitp community website, design and illustration

- sand sculpture drivers: any sculpture driven from any computers, improved calendar scheduling

- the slo and sbprintmaker shows are over

- a series of small colored prints and drawings for dam may/june exhibit

- the algorists catalog are done

- a round of supercollider programming (with iannis zannos), scores

- submission to computerkunst gladbeck, germany

- prep entries for the sb printmakers show

- select and prep pieces for slo art center solo show

- edition of two series of solar and copper plates (with pat merrill and neal sistek)

- saritha margon web site design is online

- the accordion algorists catalogs are now printed but not folded yet

- the "algorists 2006" group show at kitp (ucsb) is now open

simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art.
(frank lloyd wright)

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