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islamic tiling: geometry challenge #193 (1996)
hand colored digital image,

media statements

traditional media: silver point on prepared paper / graphite and colored leads on paper / ink on paper, applied by pen or brush / sumi and colored inks / edition: none whatever, all drawings are unique.

mixed media: works concept and design from software with instantiation in traditional media: hand pulled prints on the etching press / image transferred from transparent film to solar plates / hard ground, soft ground and sugar lift on copper plates / direct dry point or hard ground engraving on copper plates / edition: from four to fifteen, plus limited color variations

digital media: screen display of fixed, moving or animated images / laser prints, inkjet digital prints / edition: only one edition on iris printer with cone edition press in 1998 (a) series of twenty four views of the metagon (in 12), (b) five prints. all other digital prints since 1998 are and will remain unique proofs only.

the reality of quantum weirdness: new experiments confirm that nature is neither here nor there.
(the new york times)

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