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sweet bird of yew (1995)
pen and ink on strathmore paper, 5.5x4 on 15.75x11.5in.

selected public, institutional and other collections

* bibliothèque nationale de france (paris)

* bibliothèque sainte geneviève (paris)

* block museum of art, computer prints and drawings collection (evanston, illinois)

* boston athenæum (massachusetts)

* brooklyn museum, prints and drawings (new york)

* camera works (new york)

* colorado college (colorado)

* columbia university (new york)

* davidson library, special collections (university of california, santa barbara)

* getty research institute (los angeles)

* kavli foundation (oxnard, california)

* kavli institute for theoretical physics (university of california, santa barbara)

* kenyon college (ohio)

* koninkljke bibiotheek (national library of the netherlands, the hague, netherlands)

* lafayette college (pennsylvania)

* mills college (california)

* mit (massachusetts)

* newberry library (chicago)

* new york public library (new york)

* nora eccles harrison museum of art (utah state university, logan)

* princeton university (new jersey)

* reeds college (oregon)

* san francisco public library (california)

* santa barbara county arts commission (california)

* santa barbara museum of art, photography collection (california)

* sonoma state university (california)

* stanford university (california)

* smith college (massachusetts)

* thoma art foundation (santa fe, new mexico)

* tweed museum of art (university of minnesota, duluth)

* ucsb (university of california, santa barbara) arts library and special collections

* uc santa cruz (university of california, santa cruz)

* university of delaware (newark, delaware)

* university of notre dame (notre dame, indiana)

* university of oregon (eugene, oregon)

* university of washington (seattle, washington)

* victoria and albert museum, patric prince collection (london, uk)

* washington university (saint louis, missouri)

* wellesley college (massachusetts)

* wesleyan university (connecticut)

* yale university (connecticut)

* westmont college (santa barbara)

* private & corporate collections (cincinnati, goleta, los altos hills, mountain view,

new york, paris, providence, saclay, santa barbara, south africa, washington dc)

the creative act is not formed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative act.
(marcel duchamp)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (17 Dec 2015)