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study for echo (2001)
graphite on mylar, 5x5 on 15x11.25in.


the nature of time

buddhism, mandalas, wheel of life, etc...

zen gardens, sand cones, tricycle page

sand, wind and music

chaos and order, dots and lines, drawing

silence and sound, music

immobility and motion

water and waves, light and caustics

water drops, frost and vapor, smoke

a few concepts relating to my past/current work:

drawing on water with waves and caustics

past records: getty center and chanting bowl

project with mac mini, sound card, piezzos, tibetan chanting bowl and water

water drawing on paper

sand drawing on sand

sand deposition on sand

erosion on a beach from wind, tide and waves

the breeze activates a marker attached to a sail; a piezzo shakes the sand down

installation of ephemeral sand arrangements

videos of sand traces being recorded, then diversely erased by wind, water, hand, rake, etc.

evolving, ephemeral line drawings for computer/wall display

cagean chance performances of Rorschach images for computer/wall display

interference experiments with light and water

recording the ephemerality of clouds

positions, states are all ephemeral at all scales in nature, as in humanity.

unique/accidental ephemeral happenings versus renewable/planned ones (the score, its performances, that performance.)

ephemerality in art mostly exists through gallery or studio performances. record it and it becomes permanent.

although a deep contradiction of the principle, it's often useful to record and document ephemeral events or actions.

i think in the future i see mainly the university academy as the proper place for the artist because the marketplace is insane.
(ad reinhardt)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (25 Nov 2007)