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metagon, dry brush stroke (2003)
brush and ink on japanese paper, 15x15 on 21x21in.

muted concerns

i have so far always muted my wordly concerns, and kept making art only inspired by aesthetics and spiritual goals and values.

but confining oneself to the realms of mathematics, beauty, science, sprituality is in fact a cowardly retreat from the world.

given the lamentable, current state of mankind and the earth this kind of silence is inexcusable and unbearable.

all voices must be raised to question, answer, protest, hint, state, be in and part of the world, help suffering, give hope.

this is an obligation for the voice of art too. i am presently searching for the best suitable way to raise my voice.

the poetry of the invisible, of infinite unexpected possibilities -even the poetry of nothingness- issues from a poet who had no doubts whatever about the physical reality of the world.
(italo calvino)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (10 Nov 2006)