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sketch for fugue (2002)
pencil on arches paper, 12.25x11.25 on 30x22.5in.

collaboration history

collaborations are creative, productive endeavors. most of them are the origin of lasting friendships. i am very grateful to all for their willingness to share interest, time, competence, work, software or advice.

pierre chave (printmaking 1989) / bruce shapiro (fabricator 1997) / roman verostko (virtual plotter experiment, sand trace of a brush stroke 1997) / jon cone (printmaking 1998 and 2003) / jennifer mahlman, andre ribuoli (printmaking 1998 to date) / victor raphael (2002, 2011) / elaine levasseur (printmaking 1989 to date) / richard tullis (paper embossing 1989) / neal sistek (printmaking 2001) / saritha margon (rorschach experiments 2005) / scott mcclaine (photographic documentation 2001 to date) / pat merrill (printmaking 2006) / victor dinovi, david bothman (woodwork, engineering 1999 to date) / anissa mack (summer 2007) / tatiana ginsberg (paper embossings, montgolfier printing 2007 to date) / joel sherman (digital printmaking 2008) / alejandro casazi (vinyl cutting 2009).

musicians iannis zannos (2005 and 2012), luigi irlandini have been mentioned elsewhere, but not ucsb/mat students dennis adderton, august black, wesley smith, markdavid hosale (2008), wesley smith. and there have been also the collaborations with physicists, also on a different page of the site: thibaud damour, eberhardt bodenschatz, kay wiese, florian dubath, eli rykoff.

new projects with clarence barlow (upcoming) / harry & sandra reese's turkey press (fall 2008 to date, artist book) / harry reese and alejandro casazi (cage100: 100mesostics for john cage) / jeremy sarchet (tensile structures and applications 2011 to date)

a fine artist has no use for use, no meaning for meaning, no need for any need.
(ad reinhardt)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (14 Sep 2012)