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limits of knowledge, wild (2009)
digital image, 12x12in.

"the limits of knowledge", seminar at the ihc (ucsb humanities)

the invitation by jennifer r. hammerschmidt and catherine howe to present works on this theme rekindled an old desire of allowing type and text to become subliminal or explicit subject of or active material for drawing. thinking from the onset of quoting werner heisenberg and kurt godel, i later found an appropriate unpublished paper by william tomlinson titled exactly as the proposed theme and i decided to use it in whole and in parts. a visit to the ihc venue made it easy to decide on the size of the works: as small as the space available in the library, where i wish they will be hanged.

other artists invited were ...

traditions are beautiful --to create them, --not to follow.
(franz marc, motto de la societe anonyme)

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