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scripting sol (2008)
pdf, sciarc scripting class tutorial

"scripting drawings", at sciarc

january 2009: i have been invited by jean michel crettaz to give a class on scripting drawings, and give a faculty talk. i have also been warned of chaos. i had witnessed it already, and i loved it. not enough student having registered for the winter quarter, the class was cancelled.

september 2009: sciarc offered the class a second time, and nineteen students having registered, the class was allowed to happen. i enjoyed the school, the class, the teaching, and the students very much, that was enough to make up for the weekly driving to LA. the class, about computational drawing, was first intended to be in python. but it ended being in processing, plus some other flavors of scripting tools.

the image above results from one of the didactic scripts developed for the class, a digital de/re-construction of a well known sol lewitt work.

i tried to oppose the academic to the marketplace.
(ad reinhardt)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (29 Dec 2009)