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at carl solway gallery, the space (2013)
digital image, installation documentation

sculptures and drawings at carl solway gallery

showing ryoan-ji-2011, the narcissus installation, and thirteen drawings on paper at carl solway gallery, cincinnati. the solo show, at michael solway's invitation, inaugurates the new findlay space. i met michael eight years ago at solwayjones in los angeles, thanks to channa horwitz (the show is in memoriam channa, whom we all loved).

several of the drawings are closely associated with the sculptures. narcissus fills the space at time with the songs of corfu swallows, while ryoan-ji's sand traces progress silently (collaborators: david bothman, victor dinovi, jeremy sarchet and iannis zannos.)

i renamed all my sand apparati as ryoan-ji-(year). ryoan-ji-2011 was prometheus, which showed how misguided was the greek association, while the temple garden association is absolutely true to the original inspiration for these meditation pieces.

tuning ryoan-ji-2011, i discovered the size of the tracing ball defines how the sand is moved around. a large ball pushes the sand out. a small ball pushes it in. a ball one centimeter in diameter leaves it in place. a time lapse clip shot on ryoan-ji2011 shows one trace in compressed time.

you need art to express your feelings, dreams, visions, but does art need you?.
(ad reinhardt)

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