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metagons at dedee shattuck (2014)
digital image, installation documentation (photo isabel mattia)

show at dedee shattuck gallery, westport, ma

dedee shattuck gallery exhibited in late 2013 anne spalter's work and part of the anne and michael spalter's collection in 2013. after the close of that show, isabel mattia invited me to exhibit my work together with gael freedel's.

i am showing eight early plotter pieces, six metagons, two groups of 4/5 large panels, and twelve smaller recent works on niyodo paper. gail shows her sculptural, abstract, and quiet wood furniture. the space is huge and beautiful, the show very well installed. the works complete and support each other amazingly well. it is a beautiful, understated show!

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only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.
(pablo picasso)

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