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visiting drawing with code (2011)
photography, decordova sculpture park & museum

a trip to the north east

traveling rarely, flying to boston, driving to south hadley, lincoln, riding the train to providence, driving to brattleboro and back to providence was a wonderful, exciting diversion.

i had a few extraordinary meetings with francisco ricardo, george fifield, tatiana ginsberg, kelly dobson, art students at mount holyoke college and rhode island school of design where i gave two talks.

i am expecting to receive soon and post the video recording of the risd talk.

in addition, warm welcome from and most excellent time with friends, experiencing forest, snow, cold, new landscapes, new people. i had not visited the area since '89 for my first siggraph art gallery.

my first time had been in '72 to visit mit professor jay forrester as he was working on his dynamo-based limits to growth report for the club of rome, in the wake of the first oil crisis

to approach the spiritual in art, one will make as little use as possible of reality, because reality is opposed to the spiritual.
(piet mondrian)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (29 Apr 2011)