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untitled (2005)
sand trace 1185, 28x28 on 30x30in.

high resolution images gallery

selection in progress of early and recent drawings (1974 2011) that can be panned around and zoomed into at high resolution. note that downloading the needed image tiles may be slow when the internet is.

(these links temporarily use flash but will soon be upgraded to html5 - dimensions and dates are approximated - find out about numbers within recent titles)

these hires images show the natural characters of some of the many styles of lines that code might address. these styles offer different intrinsic qualities and possibilities that can be developed and enhanced whatever peculiar temperament of the medium at hand.

the whole idea is to give life to the lines le dessin est beau si la ligne est vivante (jean cocteau.) i intend to publish a detailed, illustrated paper on the subject of line idiosyncracies.

analog lines with pen and ink, graphite lead, intaglio, brushes, ... remain close to the tradition of drawing

apocryphon (1989) pen and ink 6x6in.

light and swift (1990) pen and ink 4x6in.

ah agnes thirty-one is prime (1996) pen and ink 5x4in.

undulating line, slightly agitated (1996) pen and ink 17x11in.

supplication for rain (1996) pen and ink 17x11in.

ah agnes (1999) graphite lead 5x4in.

punchinello in castello propprio (2000) graphite lead 17x11in.

cinnabar_fugue_mirrored (2003) pen and ink 4x3ft.

fractone (2007) graphite lead and brown chalk 13x17in.

gesture gesture, what else should (2007) graphite lead 13x17in.

digital lines on inkjet (iris, epson, ...) and on displays...

jesting silences (2008) 48x24in.

pritzker sciarc series 9-06-16-11-30 (2009) 6x3ft.

pritzker sciarc series 9-06-13-19-44 (2009) 22x17in.

wheel of time series 8-5-14-38-17 (2009) 22x17in.

wheel of time series 11-4-11-51-36 (2009) 22x17in.

wheel of time series 7-13-11-40-57 (2010) 22x17in.

wheel of time series 8-22-14-8-38-25 (2010) 22x17in.

wheel of time series 10-14-16-46-18 (2010) 22x17in.

y=ryoanji series 1-9-23-3-39 (2011) 22x17in.

y=ryoanji series 1-10-17-43-22 (2011) 22x17in.

y=ryoanji series 1-10-17-43-28 (2011) 22x17in.

y=ryoanji series 1-22-20-38-39 (2011) 22x17in.

gs04-026 y=ryoanji (2011) 22x17in.

digital lines on inkjet (iris, epson, ...) and on displays / for html5, non-flash browser...

y=ryoanji series counting fifteen (2010) 22x17in.

y=ryoanji series counting too many (2012) 34x17in.

wei series obstreperouscmyk (2012) 22x17in.

synthetic cubism (2010) 22x17in.

viewing the moon on west lake (2010) 22x17in.

wei series what we require is silence (2012) 22x17in.

wei series nautile boogie-woogie (2012) 22x17in.

digital dust and negative space on inkjet (iris, epson, ...) and on displays / for html5, non-flash browser...

dash quanta (2014) 22x17in.

red square quanta (2014) 22x17in.

quasi circle quanta (2014) 34x17in.

blue ellipse quanta (2014) 34x17in.

red ellipse quanta (2014) 34x17in.

ochre ellipse quanta (2014) 34x17in.

blue diamond quanta (2014) 34x17in.

drawing is taking a line for a walk.
(paul klee)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (15 May 2014)