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drawing with the breeze (2011)
wood-string-gel pen drawing instrument, documentation

breeze drawings

an inclination for chance and nature, a need to rest and relax from too much programming and other digital activities collided with jeremy sarchet's tensegrity tower that he had left in our custody for the summer.

seeing its gracious sensitivity and motility in light air, i thought it should be turned in a drawing instrument animated by the light breeze in our canyon.

aussitôt dit, aussitôt fait, and soon the first trial worked beyond my expectations. the breeze had a very subtle and delicate hand and drew a beautiful line.

all the idiosyncracies of the apparatus and the vagaries of the wind were a delight, and all summer long i explored and refined the process possibilities.

drawing becomes ...

understanding the dynamic of the gesture, the quality of the touch.

reacting aptly to the interactions of breeze, marking tools, paper and masks (such as pebbles).

planning time brackets for tools, settings and placements changes. knowing when to stop drawing.

or just watching time, calms and gusts of wind, and all along: challenging chance.

i am currently trying to fuse breeze drawing with software drawing, and figuring how to improve the instrument and its possibilities.

a small image gallery illustrates the enchanting discovery of these breeze drawings.

i do not say everything, but i paint everything.
(pablo picasso)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (26 Nov 2011)