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in visible cities, the book (2010)
digital image, book documentation

in visible cities

an early 2013 update. first and most importantly, the collaboration with harry and sandra reese has been not only pleasant, but also highly instructive, inspiring and rewarding

production of the book has now started, albeit rather slowly, and the first deliveries have actually occurred. the book has been shown at the codex2013 book fair in richmond, ca 10-13 feb. 2013 and is already in several private collections, public libraries, and academic special collections

an image gallery documents the ivc book, as well as the annotated colophon and poetic process statement

another gallery documents a short history of my interests and experiments in bookmaking, and other related projects

a 2010 presentation reviewed the invisible city project for turkey press. it showed the current status of existing le città invisibili editions and selected goals for the contemplated book. an upcoming image gallery will soon show backstage glimpses of the making of in visible cities

parenthesis (the journal of the fine press book association) has published a very perceptive review of our in visible cities book. this review not only deals effectively with the book, but the gist of it readily applies to my whole work. it has been written by martin antonetti, curator of smith college's mortimer rare book room. antonetti has clearly grasped the nature, the role, and the power of code as the next emergent creative tool.

in visible cities will be presented by marie-france quignard at rendez-vous des lettres in a program at bibiothèque nationale de france dedicated to les métamorphoses du texte et de l'image à l'heure du numérique : quand la littérature se donne à voir. marie-france quignard is former conservateur en chef à la réserve des livres rares de la bibliothèque nationale de france

in visible cities will be presented in the rare books exhibition organized by bibiothèque nationale de france, and the associated exhibition catalog. the exhibition (slow link) is titled éloge de la rareté cent trésors de la réserve des livres rares. at the françois mitterand library, 2014/11/25-2015/1/31

only a bad artist thinks he has a good idea. a good artist does not need anything.
(ad reinhardt)

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