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sand ink/pencil on paper etchings and digital prints

Jean-Pierre Hébert

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Considered one of the pioneers in the field of digital art, I started experimenting drawing with a computer in the mid-1970s. In 1989, after working for 20 years isolated in my studio, I discovered a small community of other plotter artists. In 1995, I co-founded the Algorists. I coined the word and coded an algorithmic definition of it.

Fascinated by the line, which is the essence of drawing, I have developed a diversity of drawing families using mathematics, geometry, physics and poetry. For each conceptual idea, I write algorithms which my personal software interprets and transforms into a drawing, a visual poem. After discovering John Cage's work, and strongly in tune with his philosophy, my initial obsession with precise line constructions has opened up to chance, motion, light, and text. Since 1999, I create ephemeral installations with sand, water, wind. The aim of my work remains an expression of quiet beauty and peaceful meditation.

Current shows:

Pioneers in Computer Art 1960s-70s group show in Paris, at rcm galerie June 15-July 31 2017

“Underground Show”, at the KITP, University of California, Santa Barbara

Recent shows (more on the résumé page):

“Drawing is just a thought” is an article in "Interalia" April 2016 issue, Code as Muse

“Jean-Pierre Hébert: Quantum Metaphors” solo show, Los Angeles (Art|Sci Gallery, UCLA)

“All.go.rhythm” Chicago (Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art)

“Luminous Flux [2.0]: New + Historic Works from the Digital Art Frontier” Santa Fe (Art House, Thoma Art Foundation)

“Technovisual: Art in the Age of Code” Washington D.C. (American Association for the Advancement of Science)

“Year of the Ram: Works by 22 Artists” Cincinnati (Carl Solway Gallery)

“Eloge de la rareté: Cent trésors de la Réserve des livres rares” Paris (Bibiothèque nationale de France)

taille directe is simply a part of the economy of execution, the appearance of which we value.
(isamu noguchi)

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