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in visible cities, title page (2010)
pigment and metal type on paper, digital drawing, niyodo paper, 17x22in.

siggraph award presentation

i received the acm siggraph distinguished artist award for lifetime achievement in digital art from award chair bruce wands.

bruce & award committee: thank you!

during the award ceremony, bruce wands introduced the art award recipient:

good morning,

my name is bruce wands and I am the chair of the siggraph distinguished artist award committee. the distinguished artist award was established in 2009 and is awarded annually to an artist who has created a substantial and important body of work that significantly advances aesthetic content in the field of digital art. the criteria for the award are that:

1. the artist has been contributing internationally to the digital arts for more than twenty years.

2. the artist has produced important work that is referenced in papers and books on digital art history and theory.

3. the artist has established an unexplored area in the field of digital art and/or media art.

4. the artist has been advancing the use of digital technologies in creative expression.

and finally,

5. the artist has contributed to the history, theory and practice of digital art through writing and presentations at conferences and symposia.

the nomination process is an open one and the committee is composed of internationally known leaders in the field. the award has been presented to roman verostko, lynn hershman leeson, yoichiro kawaguchi, and charles csuri.

this year's recipient began working with digital conceptual algorithmic art in 1974 and has been an independent artist since 1984. at the core of his work are algorithms that generate drawings on paper, as well as mixed media. his work has appeared in seventeen siggraph art shows to date. he will be presenting his work at the awards talks this afternoon in room 408B at 2:45 PM.

for his pioneering achievements in creating art through computer programming. please join me in congratulating the winner of the 2012 acm siggraph lifetime achievement award in digital art: jean-pierre hebert


bruce wands introducing the artist during the award talks:

good afternoon,

my name is bruce wands and i am the chair of the siggraph distinguished artist award committee. it is my honor and pleasure to introduce jean-pierre hebert, the recipient of the 2012 acm siggraph lifetime achievement award in digital art. i first became aware of jean-pierre's work through the siggraph art show. he has also exhibited his work at the victoria & albert museum, the digital art museum, decordova museum, block museum of art, santa barbara museum of art and many others. his work has been published in such books and catalogs as the computer in the visual arts, art of the digital age, digital art, painting the digital river and drawing with the mind.

his aesthetic is based on an exploration of the line. he looks at drawing as not only gestural, but also as an expression of thought that is suggestive of motion, time, music, light, and nature. some of the ideas and concepts he incorporates into his work stem from buddhism, mandalas, and a spiritual approach to life. please welcome jean-pierre hebert.


i gave an awardee talk, temporarily available on the acm siggraph site (a simple siggraph registration is required.)

my talk follows bruce wands's introduction: at minute 37:15

reduced resolution keynote slides and time lapses are here (large file: 150mb, slide show is paced terribly fast)

i need to find another working, compressed solution for posting.

art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist.
(rene magritte)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (17 Jun 2015)