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ephemeral metagon (document) (2005)
water drops on paper 0010, 6x7 on 10x10in.


recent works from 2009 on are often named by the series they belong to, associated with a string of numbers. this number is actually a timestamp. it shows the date and time when the work was created, and it reads like month-day-hour-minute-seconds-something else (year)

for instance wheel of time series 8-22-14-8-38-25 (2010) was composed (2010) august [8] 22nd at 2pm [14] 8' 38" and catalogued as #25 in some folder

the timestamp fills several essential functions, both philosophical and practical:

most importantly, it is used by the code that produces the design. so that it is part of the data that shapes, defines, designs the piece

date and time act as elements of chance that impact main and/or subliminal features of the piece in ways that are never fully predictable

the inclusion of date and time in the process is important as it shows and insures that executing the code can only produce a unique piece

the timestamp specifies the identity of the work, and is integral with its name

it also shows where the work is in the studio filing system and data base

there is not a moment in life as far as any one of us is concerned that is not 'ideal' and in a state of successful and utter 'achievement'.
(john cage)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (01 May 2011)